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Blending meticulous research with colorful narratives and original art, DOOMED QUEENS charts centuries of royal plotting, backstabbing, and intrigue with wit, style, and a taste of the macabre. Learn more.

About Kris Waldherr

Kris Waldherr is the acclaimed author of DOOMED QUEENS, THE BOOK OF GODDESSES, and other publications that celebrate beauty, imagination, and wit. Learn more.

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The New Yorker

It isn’t often that one encounters a book that invites the reëmergence of childhood fantasies, then eviscerates them in a few words. Even less common is the book that manages to make the process utterly satisfying. Such is the rush I got from Kris Waldherr’s deliciously perverse “Doomed Queens: Royal Women Who Met Bad Ends from Cleopatra to Princess Di“…. With all the inane princess stories out there, a collection that highlights the historical downside is a welcome corrective. Read more.

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