Wordless Wednesday: Proteus Gowanus resurgam

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Photographed in Brooklyn on the last official day of Proteus Gowanus. Much wonderful art was made there, as well as many wonderful memories. 

Wordless Wednesday: Lily power!

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Photographed earlier this summer in the Blue House garden, here are the most gorgeous lilies I’ve ever seen—or grown. :-) I wish I could share their scent with you from a blog!

Publishing Monday: What happens when a goddess, a phoenix, and a girl in a tower…

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… Inspire three illustrated picture books illustrated and written by moi? Why, the result below. :-)

Sacred Animals

A work of both art and scholarship, this stunning gift book is for animal lovers of all ages…. Read more.

Persephone and the Pomegranate

A stunning retelling of one of the most important mother-daughter myths…. Read more.


Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair…. She was taken from her parents at birth, the penalty that her father was forced to pay.… Read more.

Though all three of these books were already available for the iPad, Kindle users were out of luck—until now.

I’m pleased to announce that, as of this weekend, Rapunzel, Persephone and the Pomegranate, and Sacred Animals can be downloaded as deluxe full color e-books from Amazon to anyone with a digital device be they Apple or Amazon.

So hooray!

Wordless Wednesday: Blue Water Beyond

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Blue Mountain Lake

Photographed recently at Blue Mountain Lake in the Adirondacks. Beautiful, no?

Snippet Sunday: You shouldn’t have followed me here

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In my attempt to catch up here, I’m back to posting Snippet Sunday excerpts. New readers of this blog might be wondering, “What’s Snippet Sunday?” It’s a monthly meme organized by Stephanie Dray in which historical authors post six sentence snippets of their novels (and sometimes a little more). For the sake of organization, I’ve posted previous snippets on the first Sunday of the month.

Though it’s a week late for the first Sunday of the month, August’s snippet is from the THE LOVER’S PATH, which is at last out and about in the world as an e-book. (Woohoo!) This particular excerpt occurs toward the end of the first chapter, and is when my protagonist, Filamena, meets her beloved for the first time. It’s eight sentences, not six. But hey, it’s been a while, amirite?

Cloaked in the darkness of night, I felt safe, hidden. I inhaled the clean, acidic scent of spring, felt the soft earth beneath my feet. My heart began to slow. The stars were bright, the moon a thin sickle in the deep blue sky. Nearby, church bells struck the ninth hour of the night, their metallic clang softened by the lapping of canal water on the other side of the garden wall.


A brief sliver of light appeared from the palazzo door as it opened, then closed. And the young man stood before me again.


“You shouldn’t have followed me here,” I said.

More about THE LOVER’S PATH: Filamena Ziani is the much younger sister of the most famous courtesan in sixteenth-century Venice, Tullia Ziani. Orphaned as an infant, Filamena has come of age bent like a branch to her sister’s will, sheltered and lonely in the elegant but stifling confines of their palazzo by the sea. Then a dark-haired stranger offers a gift that will change the course of her life forever: a single ripe plum, and an invitation to walk along the lover’s path, wherever it may lead. Read more here.