Publishing Monday: Goddess Tarot android app update ~ and sale

Posted on Jul 29, 2013 in apps & e-books, publishing, retail therapy, The Book of Goddesses et al

It’s been a big week for the publishing of tarot and oracles and such at Casa Art and Words. Besides receiving first hot-off-the-press copies of the Sacred World Oracle (which is now available for pre-order on Amazon), I’m pleased to announce that the Goddess Tarot android app has finally been rereleased. This update was to address compatibility issues that arose from the last Android operating system update. I fear it was a rather complicated process. That written, my wonderful developers at NewGenApps have done their best to catch every last bug and software conflict. (Can I hear a hearty hooray?)

If you already own the Android app, the update is automatically available for free. If you don’t own it, here’s more good news: to celebrate, both the Goddess Tarot Android and iPhone apps are discounted 50% for the next two weeks, through August 6, 2013; instead of $3.99, both apps are now $1.99. On top of this, I’ve discounted THE BOOK OF GODDESSES, the book that started it all, 50% at $2.99 (regular price $6.99) on Amazon,, and iBooks. Much of the art from the Goddess Tarot was adapted from THE BOOK OF GODDESSES.

So go forth and get inspired!

download the Goddess Tarot app for $1.99

purchase THE BOOK OF GODDESSES for $2.99

e-book: iPad and iPhone, NOOK ePub, Kindle; 206 pages. Over 130 illustrations.

Semi-Wordless Wednesday: The Sacred World Oracle…

Posted on Jul 24, 2013 in apps & e-books, news & muse, publications, retail therapy, The Book of Goddesses et al

… is here. At last!

While the Sacred World Oracle isn’t available yet on Amazon for pre-order, it will be by September 1st.* In the meantime, I’m raffling off one deck for advance enjoyment. To enter, leave a comment below by midnight August 1st. (If the form isn’t showing, click here and scroll to bottom.)

The small print: Winner will be chosen at random and announced on this site Friday, August 2nd. One entry per person. Sorry, US mailing addresses only.

*ETA: The Amazon pre-order link was just added! Learn more or pre-order here.

Creativity Friday: THE LOVER’S PATH ~ Or, Are Artists Like Other People?

Posted on Jul 19, 2013 in A Gathering of Shadows/The Lily Maid, apps & e-books, creativity, news & muse, the world around me

Above: the opening lines of THE LOVER’S PATH.

As I’ve mentioned recently, I’m currently adapting my illustrated book THE LOVER’S PATH as an enhanced e-book, which will be available from Apple this autumn. While I won’t go into the details of the technical process at this time—that can serve as a post onto itself—I will remark on how strange it is to revisit past work.

Here’s one way to describe my experience: It’s like visiting an old home after living elsewhere for years. I know where all the rooms are, the way the light falls from the windows across the floor. I know what it feels like to walk up the stairs, the worn warmth of the balustrade beneath my grasp. Yet, everything is completely different. After all,  I’m different. Time changes everything.

And so it has been for my revisiting THE LOVER’S PATH.

Believe it or not, I began work on THE LOVER’S PATH early in my artistic career—it took over a decade of creative development before it was published in late 2005. Initially, THE LOVER’S PATH was entitled THE BOOK OF LOVERS and had been pitched as collection of love stories from history and literature. However, after reading about Tullia d’Aragona, a sixteenth century Italian courtesan who’d achieved renown as an author, I reworked my book proposal with a framing device: these love stories were now related by the heartbroken sister of a fictional Venetian courtesan inspired by d’Aragona.

From there, everything came together creatively for THE LOVER’S PATH: art, words, and design. I took a research trip to Venice to further immerse myself in the world of the Italian Renaissance. I read everything I could about women’s roles in sixteenth century Venice and punitive sumptuary laws. I became obsessed with early Venetian book design, in particular the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili (“The Strife of Love in a Dream”), which many consider one of the most beautiful and mysterious books every published. My voracious hunger for inspiration to feed my book—and for the means to translate this inspiration into art—overtook my life.

To this day, I still have a special place in my heart for THE LOVER’S PATH. After all, you have to really and truly love something to work on it for so many years. At the time, creating the book felt an obsession akin to spirit possession. And now … well, I’m different. (Remember, time changes everything.) When I look at the print book of THE LOVER’S PATH, I still love it. But there’s a bittersweet quality to the emotion. THE LOVER’S PATH has become an object separate from me, just as the e-book will be.

The mulling of all this has brought to mind a quote from THE LILY MAID. Here goes:

“Artists are not like other people. We use everything for inspiration.”

These words are spoken late in my novel by someone looking to excuse less-than-honorable behavior. Yet, in some ways, this quote does sum up many of the choices I’ve made in my life: everything is grist for the mill. It makes me wonder if my yearning for inspiration—for peak experiences, if you will—is an addiction not dissimilar to a junkie’s for crack.

So, do you think this is true? Are artists unlike other people? Do we use everything for inspiration?

Opening chapter art and design from THE LOVER’S PATH. The illustration is the poet Dante’s vision of Amor with Beatrice.

Now available for iPhone 5!

Posted on Jan 3, 2013 in apps & e-books, news & muse

I’m in the midst of playing catch up after traveling over the holidays to places south and sunny. (More about this later—I was completely off the grid for almost two weeks. No e-mail. No internet. No phone. No kidding.) However, a quick-but-important blog update: The Goddess Tarot iPhone app updated was approved this morning by Apple! It’s been updated for iPhone 5 screen displays as well as iPhone 3 and 4. Just consider it a one-size-fits-all app.

The Goddess Tarot app is available in paid Full and free Lite versions. More good news: If you already own the paid version of the app, the update is a free download.

More information:

Goddess Tarot Full app

Goddess Tarot - Full version - Kris Waldherr Art and Words

Goddess Tarot Lite app

Goddess Tarot - Lite version - Kris Waldherr Art and Words

Creativity Friday: Goddess Tarot iPhone 5 update

Posted on Nov 30, 2012 in apps & e-books, news & muse, The Book of Goddesses et al

Good news! I’m thrilled to announce that an update of the Goddess Tarot app for iPhone 5 is in production. Besides being redesigned to take advantage of iPhone 5′s taller screen height, the app will include the gorgeous retina screen graphics used in the HD version. As before, the app will be available as a free Lite and paid Full versions. It will work on iPhone 3, 4, and 5 as well as on iPads and iPods.

When the Goddess Tarot apps update will be available? Best case scenario: by the the middle of December, just in time for all those new iPhones being given as gifts. Here’s more good news: If you’ve already paid for the Goddess Tarot Full app, the iPhone 5 update will be free. :-)

Above: Sneak peek at the Goddess Tarot app Full version home screen. Pretty, isn’t it?