‘Tis the season

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Halloween at Blue House. Perhaps our favorite holiday!

Thus far this autumn I’m:

~ Taking a novel revision workshop with the Francesca Lia Block. Already I’ve learned much, which I’ve applied to revising Novels #1, #2, and #3. (Yes, there is a Novel #3 in the works!) Block’s novel revision method involves twelve questions she’s developed to cut to the heart of your story. Genius! Block is also an amazing line editor.

~ Incorporating research material from my recent trip to England into Novel #2, aka the Next Novel. A portion of the Next Novel is set on the moors of Shropshire. Guess where I traveled to? (More about this in another post.)

~ Preparing for the next stage of Bad Princess, whatever that may be. Still on the docket: the cover illustration and editorial feedback. Though the publication date is set for late 2017, it’s closer than it sounds—already my editor has requested material to prep the Scholastic Books team.

~ Getting my daughter adjusted to middle school, where she’s studying creative writing. For the first time in her eight years of education, she’s commuting. She’s a real city kid! So far, she loves her new school and has made lots of friends.


Fiction, meet Reality.
Photographed on the moors of Shropshire, where my novel is set. 

Happy autumn

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Updated studio chalkboard wall. The acronyms stand for books underway. (Mysterious me!)

First day of school. First official day back in the studio after a very full summer.

Time for everything to begin anew. :-)

Big news on the book front

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Remember that Top Sekret Project book? The one I’ve been hinting about for months? It was finally announced today in Publisher’s Marketplace.


Bad Princess will be published in time for the 2017 holiday season. Interweaving royal biography, history, and pop culture with insight, Bad Princess is a witty and fascinating examination of all things pink and royal. It offers a thinking girl’s look at what it means to be a princess, enabling her to reclaim this most feminine of role models—whether or not it involves glass slippers and a gown.

So hooray! More news coming soon—and back to work I go. :-)

Snippet Sunday: She wrung her hands

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Photographed at Greenwood Cemetery using a tintype app. It seemed appropriately Victorian for this post. 

I totally forgot that yesterday was the first Sunday of March—which meant I should have posted my Snippet Sunday excerpt. (What’s Snippet Sunday? new visitors to this site might be wondering. It’s a monthly meme in which authors post six sentence snippets from their novels. Read my previous snippets here.)

Anyway, this month’s Snippet Sunday is going out on Monday instead. March’s snippet is from the Next Novel, which I also featured last month. The Next Novel is set in 1852 England and 1837 France; this post offers more details about it.


She wrung her hands, occasionally parting them to pull at her fingers. Even in the low light, the tendons and veins of her hands looked especially prominent. Musician’s hands. If Robert was to leave Weald House at that moment, he’d have no knowledge of Isabelle’s appearance beyond those twisting, bony hands. 

“I understand this is a shock. I hope it will be some consolation that your uncle cared to make you his heir,” he said gently. 


Snippet Sunday: Books were easy

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Snippet Sunday is a monthly meme organized by Stephanie Dray in which authors post six sentence snippets of their novels (and sometimes a little more). For the sake of organization, I’ve decided to post mine on the first Sunday of the month. You can read my previous snippets here.

February’s snippet is from the Next Novel, which I’ve just finished revising after hearing back from beta readers. (More on that here.) The Next Novel is set in 1852 England and 1837 France; this post offers more details about it.

This except features my protagonist Robert’s response to insomnia: books!

Finally, he lit a candle and reached for the stack of books left on the nightstand. He ignored the King James on top, and opened the thickest volume. It bore Hugh’s name on the spine. Despite himself, Robert felt that thrill of anticipation that occurs when encountering a new book. Books were easy, unlike people. Writing them, however, was another matter.