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Can you believe this is Brooklyn? Photographed recently near my home.


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Photographed this morning in the Blue House garden.
Proof that spring is coming, even if it doesn’t feel that way right now. 

Metapost: And we are back ~ hopefully

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The first daffodils of the season on sale. Spring can’t be far away, right?

After much Sturm und Drang, this site is at last back online. “What happened?” you might be wondering. Short answer: I have no idea. Long answer: My web host deleted the database powering this site. No database = no site for over 24 hours.

(Why’d you do that? I asked my web host after more than an hour on hold. Dunno, they answered before restoring an old version of my site back to cyberlife. Um, hooray and ugh.)

Anyway, I’ve used this very frustrating experience of being served an outdated site as an experience to do more than just update Instead, I KonMaried the heck out of it. Obsolete pages have been banished to limbo; navigation has been streamlined.

(Why? you might ask. It’s all part of preparation for New Things to Come, which I hope to announce soon. :-) )

In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed that my web host doesn’t revert this site again. Or worse, delete it.

The mighty falls

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Tree at the end of my block after a recent snow storm. When I left my house an hour earlier, it was upright. An hour later … not so much. 

the blue horizon beyond

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Photographed in Atlantic City recently.

It’s a new year. New year or no, I’m still in deep hibernation mode—winters always seem to pull me thus. In brief:

~ I am three scenes away from completing the latest draft of the Next Novel.

~ The first two-thirds of it went out to my trusted beloved beta readers.

~ To help finalize the final third, I went on a short writer’s retreat to Atlantic City. Why Atlantic City? Because it’s close enough to Brooklyn, the hotels are reasonably priced, there’s water for inspiration, and I hate gambling. Ergo, perfect for holing up in a room with a manuscript.

My post-surgery foot is much better. I can now walk up to about two miles without discomfort.

~ There’s more going on regarding a long aborning project. It’s driving me crazy that I can’t say anything officially yet. Soon!

(And back I go into my creative cave.)