Wordless Wednesday: Venezia in Brooklyn

Posted on Oct 7, 2015 in news & muse, the world around me, travels, Wordless Wednesday

Venice in Brooklyn

In my garden: a little bit of Venice brought back to Brooklyn from my recent trip to that city set on water.

Wordless Wednesday: The view beyond

Posted on Sep 16, 2015 in news & muse, stuff I like, the world around me, travels, Wordless Wednesday

View from Thomas Cole House in the Catskills

Photographed earlier this summer from inside the Thomas Cole House in the Catskills. What a view!

Wordless Wednesday: What I did on my summer vacation, 2015 edition

Posted on Sep 2, 2015 in news & muse, the world around me, travels, Wordless Wednesday

Doge's Palace Bocca

Above: The Bocca di Leone photographed oh-so-recently in Venice in the Doge’s Palace. Other places visited: Barcelona, Rome, Lucca, and Pompeii. 

Below: Click on the thumbnails to view in detail. 

Wordless Wednesday: Green Summer

Posted on Aug 5, 2015 in news & muse, the world around me, travels, Wordless Wednesday

Green Summer. The Adirondacks.

With apologies to Burne-Jones for appropriating his title. Photographed recently in the Adirondacks during my summer travels. (Breath deeply…. Don’t you feel cooler already?)

Metapost: Summertime …

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And the living is … busy.

As you can probably tell from the silence here, there’s been much going on at Chez Art and Words. Quick rundown:

1. I’ve been traveling with my family a fair amount. (Exhibit A, above photo.) Next up: a trip to Italy. I’m excited to reveal to Thea the beauties of Venice for her first time.

2. I also traveled to Denver for this year’s Historical Novel Society conference. It was wonderful, as always. My only disappointment: Between my packed schedule and the hotel location, I didn’t get to explore Denver very much. The last day I ended up climbing to the top of a parking garage to view the Rockies before my departure (Exhibit B, photo below). Ah well!


3. In between packings and unpackings of suitcases and sundries, I finally finished revising the first section of the Next Novel, which is now in my literary agent’s able hands. I am very pleased with how it came together.

4. If that’s not enough busy-ness, I also revised a long aborning Top Sekret nonfiction book proposal, which is also now off my desk and into the world.

5. Plus gardening! Summer is prime time for the Blue House garden, which is small but densely packed with much vegetation and flowers. This year I managed to harvest poppies for the first time. (Exhibit C below. Aren’t they pretty?) No water lilies this year though. Perhaps next year, when I have more energy to battle the raccoons of Brooklyn.

A poppy from the Blue House garden

6. I played tourist in my home town. I visited the Hunger Games exhibition in Times Square and Leighton’s Flaming June at the Frick Collection. (Thea and I are big fans of Katniss and Crew, and are counting the days until Mockingjay Part 2 releases.) While at the Frick with my comrade-in-words Heather Webb, I made certain to say hello to the Holbein portraits of Thomas More and Thomas Cromwell. Both men played important roles during the reign of Henry VIII, and lost their heads during this same reign. Thanks to the wonders of paint and museums, the two Thomases have been restored to glare at each other from across the gallery.

7. Last but decidedly not least, THE LOVER’S PATH has been decidedly launched into the digital world. I am delighted by the reviews, which have been universally glowing. (Don’t have your copy yet? Learn more here.)

The Lover's Path: An Illustrated Novella of Venice


So, what’s ahead for me on this warm, breezy day in August? Right now, I’m focused on my upcoming trip to Italy: Italian lessons, household preparation, travel itineraries. Come September, real life will begin anew: back to school for Thea, and back to a regular studio schedule for me. I suspect by then I will be ready for it.

And how about you, dear Reader? How’s your summer going? I hope it is filled with all good things!