Wordless Wednesday: What we did on my summer vacation

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Creativity Friday: Virginia Center for the Creative Arts residency!

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Above: water lily buds in my garden yesterday.

With the summer at hand, it seems as though my work in the studio has slowed to … well, while not exactly a crawl, more like a leisurely saunter. Though I’ve managed to move forward with drafting the Next Novel, my Poets & Writers reading, and other projects, my mind is decidedly thinking, “Everything starts anew in September. Time to take it easy. Unless you’re a water lily, that is.”

(See above photo! And below! And here, where it all began! Yes, the lilies are blooming at last!)

Therefore, I was especially delighted to learn yesterday I’ve been awarded a two week residency at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts for January 2015. I applied for the fellowship earlier this year; like my water lilies, it took several months to blossom into form.


About the VCCA from their website:

VCCA is a working retreat for exceptional national and international artists, writers, and composers.


For anywhere from two weeks to two months, they come here for intense periods of work free from the distractions of day-to-day life. Sequestered in the rolling foothills of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, they are furnished with private studios, private bedrooms and three prepared meals a day. They can work in concentrated solitude, then re-energize in the company of two dozen other artists, writers and composers at dinner.


The results of this crucible of creativity can be seen in the numerous awards our Fellows receive—from the Pulitzer Prize to the MacArthur “Genius Grant”.

I am so honored and grateful for this opportunity. I plan to use my residency at VCCA to work on the second draft of the Next Novel; by then, I intend to have the first draft finished. As you might imagine, I am feeling very encouraged. :-)


The water lilies this morning. Within twenty-four hours, they went from being tight buds into beautiful flowers.

Wordless Wednesday: Arrangement in Orange and Gold

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Photographed recently at Blue Mountain Lake at sunset. 

Wordless Wednesday: A Cross in the Road

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Photographed recently on an island in Blue Mountain Lake.

Wordless Wednesday: Fight Like A Girl

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Photographed on the road in upstate New York. (Hey, I’d take that as a compliment.)