Happy autumn

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Updated studio chalkboard wall. The acronyms stand for books underway. (Mysterious me!)

First day of school. First official day back in the studio after a very full summer.

Time for everything to begin anew. :-)

the blue horizon beyond

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Photographed in Atlantic City recently.

It’s a new year. New year or no, I’m still in deep hibernation mode—winters always seem to pull me thus. In brief:

~ I am three scenes away from completing the latest draft of the Next Novel.

~ The first two-thirds of it went out to my trusted beloved beta readers.

~ To help finalize the final third, I went on a short writer’s retreat to Atlantic City. Why Atlantic City? Because it’s close enough to Brooklyn, the hotels are reasonably priced, there’s water for inspiration, and I hate gambling. Ergo, perfect for holing up in a room with a manuscript.

My post-surgery foot is much better. I can now walk up to about two miles without discomfort.

~ There’s more going on regarding a long aborning project. It’s driving me crazy that I can’t say anything officially yet. Soon!

(And back I go into my creative cave.)

gold tiles

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Aren’t these so beautiful? They make me want to take up mosaic making in a big way. Photographed in Venice at the Biennale.

Carp-e diem

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Bad pun, I know. But couldn’t resist! Photographed at the Venice Biennale this summer.

Symphony in Yellow

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Photographed this summer in Pompeii. Isn’t that the most glorious yellow you’ve ever seen?