The Lover’s Path: from print book to ebook

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Fortuny style gown!

I’m in the midst of last preparations for the Historical Novel Society Conference, which is in Denver this year. Among the usual fun stuff at HNS, I’ll be participating on a panel about book design for historical fiction book covers. I leave first thing tomorrow morning, and my to do list is bursting at the seams.

In the meantime, some quick housekeeping:

~ I’m over at the Emerald City Book Review today with a guest post about converting The Lover’s Path from print to digital. I hope you’ll stop by! Read post here.

~ More book love over at the Book Drunkard“So much is packed onto the pages and each and every morsel is a delight to read…. I savoured each and every word and sometimes read them aloud so I could hear what they sounded like coming off my tongue.”  Read full review here. 

~ A guest post about courtesans in 16th century Venice and book excerpt over at Book Lover’s Paradise. (Scroll to the bottom of the page for the courtesan post.)

~ Julianne at Writing the Renaissance reviewed The Lover’s Path and proclaimed:

In the intricate, exuberant manner of the Renaissance art to which it pays homage, Kris Waldherr’s lavishly illustrated novella THE LOVER’S PATH tempts and tantalizes the reader into a unique reading experience. Originally released as a print book in 2005, Waldherr has recast her tale of forbidden love as an interactive iPad e-book. Convincing in itself, the fictional confession of a female musician’s journey on the path of true love gains a patina of authenticity from the nest of maps, scholarly articles, museum brochures and other ephemera which encompasses it. The result is an intriguing artifact that blurs the boundaries between word and image, fact and fiction, myth and lived experience and haunts the reader’s thoughts long after the screen goes dark.

Read the full review here.

~ You might be wondering what’s the photograph at the top of this post. It’s my attempt at sewing a Fortuny-style gown for HNS’s famed Saturday costume dinner. I think it came out nice! (Those of you with long memories might recall I sewed an Aesthetic style tea gown for HNS 2012.) Here are the instructions I used for my Fortuny-style gown, which were very helpful. I had to pleat the fabric before sewing it, which was tricky but fun.

~ And finally, The Lover’s Path official site is up at, if you missed it earlier. It has links to all formats and a special launch offer through 7/5. :-)

Final Fortuny-style gown. (Ignore the foot in the corner.) 


Pleated fabric in progress. I twisted and boiled the fabric.


Sewing the gown itself. I used both a serger and a “regular” machine. Oh, and hand sewing on the beading too. 

Wordless Wednesday: Polka dots of white and green

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Nature has a pattern all her own, doesn’t she? Photographed in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn.

Wordless Wednesday: A Plethora of Pages

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Inside The Lover’s Path e-book, which is now available for pre-order. This is what the Kindle Fire and iPad format pages look like. Pretty snazzy, eh?

Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Doomed Queens on BookBub

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Thanks to the good people at Random House, BookBub is doing a special Doomed Queens promotion through the end of the month. Hooray!

Wordless Wednesday: View Across the Pond

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Japanese Garden at the BBG

Recently photographed at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens on the edge of spring.