Metapost: An Ending ~ and a Beginning for *It*

Posted on Jan 15, 2016 in creativity, muse, news + muse, novels + fiction


Photographed recently in my kitchen via the Tintype app. Yes, that is champagne.

When I get like this, I can’t do anything but it. And by it, I mean focus completely and beyond on the project at hand. Which, in this case, the it was completing my next draft for the Next Novel. Hence, my silence here save for the occasional photograph here and there.

But at last it is done and off to my beta readers for feedback.

*takes deepest breath possible*

And now back to real life. What does this mean? For starters, sleep and showering and eating regularly. The niceties. Not being distracted while in conversation because of my mind racing at 90 mph with plot points and character arcs. Taking time to stretch out and not panic at all the things I need to do.

Yet—and yes, there’s a yet—I will miss the all encompassing intensity of being so immersed in the world of it. Of that feeling of clear focus and deep creativity. Though I understand this is only a temporary respite until the next it comes along.

In the meantime, site housekeeping stuff: I’ve rearranged some blog categories and posts to make them extra accessible and relevant. With nearly 800 posts on this blog, it was time. In particular, there’s now a new-and-improved Publishing 101 category filled with advice geared to new authors and illustrators. Subjects include everything from literary agents, book proposals, submitting to publishers, the publication process, and more.

Though some of the posts are several years old, they’ve been updated for relevancy. If you’re new to the biz, I hope you’ll find them useful!

the blue horizon beyond

Posted on Jan 6, 2016 in muse, news + muse, novels + fiction, the world around me, travels


Photographed in Atlantic City recently.

It’s a new year. New year or no, I’m still in deep hibernation mode—winters always seem to pull me thus. In brief:

~ I am three scenes away from completing the latest draft of the Next Novel.

~ The first two-thirds of it went out to my trusted beloved beta readers.

~ To help finalize the final third, I went on a short writer’s retreat to Atlantic City. Why Atlantic City? Because it’s close enough to Brooklyn, the hotels are reasonably priced, there’s water for inspiration, and I hate gambling. Ergo, perfect for holing up in a room with a manuscript.

My post-surgery foot is much better. I can now walk up to about two miles without discomfort.

~ There’s more going on regarding a long aborning project. It’s driving me crazy that I can’t say anything officially yet. Soon!

(And back I go into my creative cave.)

girl seeks tranquility

Posted on Dec 16, 2015 in books + more, muse, news + muse, novels + fiction, the world around me


View of the work desk in its current state of busyness. A dear friend had this notebook made for me as a house gift. More posts coming soon—as soon as I catch up in the studio.

gold tiles

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Aren’t these so beautiful? They make me want to take up mosaic making in a big way. Photographed in Venice at the Biennale.

Carp-e diem

Posted on Nov 18, 2015 in muse, news + muse, the world around me, travels


Bad pun, I know. But couldn’t resist! Photographed at the Venice Biennale this summer.