Wordless Wednesday: At the Opera

Posted on Oct 22, 2014 in news & muse, the world around me, travels, Wordless Wednesday

palais garnier opera

Photographed during my recent trip to Paris: Thea takes in the Opera Garnier. What’s not to like? 

Wordless Wednesday: Angelo does the Underground

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angelo colarossi by julia margaret cameron

Semi-random Pre-Raphaelite sighting in the London Underground. The photograph in  my photograph is of Angelo Colarossi posing as Iago for Julia Margaret Cameron. Gorgeous, no?

Wordless Wednesday: Four of Red

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Last of the summer tomatoes. Gorgeous color, no?

Creativity Friday: Photography and Me

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If you visit this blog on a regular basis, you’ve probably noticed the photographs that top most of my posts. These photographs have become important to me. Besides allowing me me to share my daily life on an informal basis, they mark another major change in me since I’ve stopped concentrating on Illustration as a Path of Creative Expression for Storytelling (or IPCES for short): I’ve become obsessed with photography.


 Above: Snow in the garden at Blue House. Below: Opera Garnier in Paris


One reason for my newish obsession is that my iPhone makes it incredibly easy to take photographs anywhere I’d like. It’s so small that hardly anyone notices when I’m at work. I carry it with me at all times, sometimes walking with phone in hand in case I see something.

My love for my iPhone is especially ironic because I have an expensive single lens reflex camera with fancy lenses that I barely use. When it comes to making art, sometimes the simplest tool is the right tool.


 My favorite model! Above: Japanese restaurant in Paris. Below: In a theater box at the Opera Garnier.


I’m especially enthralled with the Hipstamatic app. I love how it saturates colors and alters images much in the way I would if I was painting. I also appreciate how immediate a photograph is. Unlike a painting, which can take me weeks to get just right, if I don’t like a photograph, I simply take another. This allows me to experiment with different picture compositions and color combinations I’d otherwise avoid to save time.

In other words, I’m able to be at play, a necessary component of inspiration and creativity. And how freeing is that?


 Above: Slug in autumn leaves, Kent, England. Below: Marlborough Tower, Le Hameau de la Reine, Versailles. 


Photography is also leading me into new territory as a novelist. My protagonist for the Next Novel is a male mid-Victorian era photographer. To aid my research, I plan to take a course on nineteenth century photography techniques at the George Eastman House. Tintypes? Glass negatives? I’m so down.

Ultimately, my love for photography reminds me that, even if I’m no longer spending years illustrating books, I remain a visual artist. Come what may, I’ll always yearn to capture the world’s beauties and complexities.


 Above: Subway pillar, South Bank, London.

Wordless Wednesday: Write a Novel

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I'd like to write a novel

Storefront near Regent Street  that spoke to my condition. I came across the display near Regent Street during my recent trip to London. I thought the floating pages were a nice touch.